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Below are some great resources and discount codes for current flute players or those looking to start playing the flute. Happy fluting! 

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Flute Center of New York (

Literal flute heaven on earth, the FCNY has every flute, piccolo, alto, and even bass flute that your heart could desire! They are located in NYC, but ship worldwide and have an expansive website. 

use code KTFL for

1) free shipping

2) extended 10 day trial        select up to 3 instruments to try for 10 days

3) extended 18 month warranty       if you decide to purchase an instrument, you will get an extended 18 month warranty

Buying your first flute? Check out my videos on beginner flute topics here

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Flute Center of New York (

NK Flutes (

both located in NYC, but both also are able to take repairs by mail 

Flutes need to be taken to a repair technician at least once a year (twice for the more active player) for a clean, oil, and adjust, also known as a COA. During a COA, like the name suggests, the flute is cleaned, the mechanism is oiled, and any leaks in the keypads are adjusted. COAs help to maintain the function of the instrument instead of waiting until it needs a much more serious repair or complete overhaul. 

Rose Sheet Music at the Flute Center of New York (

With over 4,000 titles in stock and worldwide shipping, Rose Sheet Music is your one stop shop for all things flute! Visit them in person at Flute Center of New York, or browse their website. 

use code KTFL for 10% off

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The International Music Score Library Project is a virtual library of public-domain music scores. (

A large collection of public-domain flute sheet music, including many arrangements for two flutes. (

A good free resource for studying orchestral excerpts, (but don't forget to look at the ENTIRE flute part and score on IMSLP  ) Includes excerpt recordings as well. 

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Beaumont Music  (

Stylish and functional instrument accessories, including microfiber polishing cloths, swabs, flute bags, and cases. 

Fluterscooter Bags (

High-quality designer bags for flutes and woodwinds

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The Woodwind Fingering Guide  (

A comprehensive fingering chart guide,

including standard fingerings, alternate fingerings,

and trill fingerings for both the flute and piccolo.


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*Disclosure: I only recommend products and companies I use myself and believe in. When you buy through links on my site or use my codes, I may earn an affiliate commission which allows me to keep bringing content to you. 

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