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Hi! I'm Katie. 

And I'm a flutist on a mission to make classical music approachable and relevant in the 21st century. You may know me as @katieflute from my social media platforms. 

I’m a communicator who is passionate about connecting with humans— whether it’s by performing on stage, working with my students, or creating content for my thousands of followers and subscribers. I am always searching for ways to make classical music accessible while aiming to break down the barrier between performer and audience

I'm a firm believer that classical music is for everyone. I'm passionate about creating free educational video resources on my YouTube channel, which you can access here

My background

I've been obsessed with classical music for as long as I can remember! I was put in ballet class from a young age, so I was exposed to a lot of music through that environment. I started piano lessons around age 8 and then picked up the flute in my public school's band program at age 10. 


From there, I fell in love with the rewarding process of performing and sharing my music with others. One of my earliest solo flute performances took place during a talent showcase in school. I vividly remember the immense feeling of accomplishment I felt after performing for my peers, and would continue to seek out more performance opportunities from there. 

True story: my 13th birthday cake was Beethoven-themed. 

Always a nerd at heart, 

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