my early musical beginnings: a living room performance circa 1997, wearing standard concert attire, obviously.


with my teacher, Robin Lilarose, after performing at a Reading Music Foundation scholarship winners' recital in 2004


playing alongside my cousin, Elizabeth, who inspired me to take up the flute, 2004


casually worshiping the master during a visit to New England Conservatory before starting my freshman year, summer 2010


a ballet portrait taken by my sister, Sarah, 2010

jr county band

sitting second chair with the Berks County Junior High County Band, 2005


Fangirling over Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway after hearing their recital at the Kennedy Center- my mind was blown!! 2005


a self-portrait in the practice room of the Governor Mifflin High School's music wing, 2008


Deep in concentration during a masterclass with Linda Chesis at the New York Summer Music Festival's International Flute Institute- an integral program to my early development as a flutist, 2008

Official website of professional flutist Katie Althen. Katie is an award winning flutist, content creator/YouTuber, and educator based in NYC. She is available for performances, collaborations, and online private flute lessons. For booking, please click here

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